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Buck Bandana by buki originals



Medium weight cotton camo fabric with orange corduroy fabric and big buck patch create this awesome bandana for all of us who love the woods! Great to wear on those crisp fall morning hunts for deer. So stylish you can just wear on an evening out to let everyone know how you love the outdoors and hunting. Made by our sister company, buki originals. Our headwear is all handmade in Melbourne, Florida...nothing like wearing something made in the good ole' USA! Great gift for male or female. The bandana measures approximately 24" square.
Care Recommendations
Buki products are hand crafted using a variety of unique and special embellishments. Some of the accents are from recycled materials. There is variation in size and fabric-this is indeed the charm of a Buki originals.

Your original Buki is ART! When caring for your art, remember that many of the accessories are actual pieces of new and vintage jewelry, glass beads, conchos, and a variety of possible fragile elements. It is important to approach the care of your Buki like a piece of jewelry. With the variety of fabrics we use, from cotton to actual animal hides and some hand painted fabrics - we cannot assume responsibility for a maintenance recommendation. Handle with extreme care. Buki is art for your noggin', so be gentle and please not the purchase are final once your Buki reaches its new home.

Buki Couture are hand crafted items. Because of this, all sales are final and products are bought as is.

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