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About Doeville

Doeville came to me in 2006. It was a crisp fall morning in Georgia. The birds began to wake the forest. With this beautiful singing in my ears and my journal in hand, it came to me how important being in nature had been and was to me as a person, and the idea for Doeville was born.

For me, loving nature really began when I was just a child, being exposed to wild game by my loving father. He made every Christmas special by cooking the best deer backstrap in the world! Of course, my Mom and Nana topped that meat off with cat-head biscuits and saw-mill-sop gravy. (Yes, that’s a southern thing we do in Tennessee!) This is where I learned what a valuable gift hunting was and what a deep soul satisfaction could come from being able to put meat on the table. My Dad also taught me how to fish. At six years old I caught my first large-mouth bass... a 3-1/2 pounder! (My Zebco 202 reel was just a-screamin!) These memories will be with my Dad and with me forever. Thank you, Daddy, for opening my senses to nature.

Family Photographs

Later when I met the love of my life (and now husband), he too was a hunter. He took me up in a tree stand and taught me how to shoot a gun (which was a first for me). It was muzzle loading season and I shot my first spike buck at 200 yards! Yee Doggies! "Annie Oakley" appeared in me that day, and at 41 years of age I was hooked! I am still a huntress in training, but my husband is so loving and patient... each trip out is a wonderland of experiencing and learning as he continues to increase my love of the outdoors.

And talk about cookin'! My man can create the most amazing dishes. He stole my heart with an elk tenderloin and argula salad. Together we hunt, and together we cook! The latest addition to our hunting camp is the "Love Nest"— our two-seater tree stand! You know, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Nature and hunting have a way of bringing together the people you love. I really have to thank the two special men in my life... my father and my husband.

Whether you started hunting early or late in life, whether you're in the woods a little or a lot, hunting offers a deeply satisfying place for women in nature.

So enjoy Doeville and its spirit of celebrating "Women in the Woods"!

Buki Inspiration

Spending many years passionately pursuing opportunities to combine my love for fabric, textures, and experiences with my free spirit of self-expression has brought me to this place where buki has blossomed. Through the inspiration of so many people and adventures in my life I have choosen to share my journey by making buki originals available to you.

One of the greatest creative catalysts in my life is my Nana, Ruby. She taught me to see the pictures in the clouds, make mud pies topped with dandelion flowers and rabbit rolls with spaghetti whiskers and raisin noses. She changed my view of the world. One day she gave me the most perfect gift, a butterfly sticker to protect me. I wear it on my motorcycle helmet now. It provided me the inspiration for my logo as a reminder of how she recognized my free spirit years ago and encouraged me to take my wings and fly.

buki is the expression of many great experiences. Thank you for sharing in the journey.